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Seeing the world through my lens

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My Vision

I remember being fascinated by photographs from different places and cultures when I was a small child. At the age of 12, I purchased my first camera, a Canon AE-1. Taking black and white photos and developing them in my lab/bathroom was an incredible thrill. When my professional career took me in another direction, photography remained as a passion and as a hobby. Fortunately, I was able to take sabbatical to pursue a formal training in photography. The contact with photography on a daily basis reignited my passion for the medium.

When I returned to photography I also returned to my childhood photographic vision. My target is to portray places and cultures that are different from my own. I believe that essential characteristics of a culture manifest themselves through its imagery. My personal projects reflect my reading of specific aspects of a past or present culture, such as religion, architecture or visual symbolisms. My images range from purely photographic capture to completely computer-generated imagery.

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